How to understand it's time to consider auto glass replacement

How to understand it’s time to consider auto glass replacement


Repair or replacement: when the car windshield becomes dangerous. Traffic rules do not strictly regulate the condition of the windshield, only prohibiting the operation of the car without it. But it doesn’t mean you should forget about the timely repair or auto glass replacement: they directly affect the inspection and hence the welfare of the driver and his passengers. But sometimes, a chip or a small crack in the windscreen makes you think whether to change it or better wait. Suddenly, another stone will fly from under the wheels tomorrow. So how do understand that it’s time to solve the problem by going to the service station, and dismissing all doubts.


For some reason, many motorists do not care about the condition of the windshield. Some manage to drive even when it is impossible to see the road behind a network of cracks. These are, of course, extreme cases, but they do occur. The conclusion in such situations is simple – the glass may fall at the wrong time on the driver’s knees.

No options

Triplex, consisting of three layers, holds fragments, making the glass safe, for example, when hit by stones (there is a special strong film between two layers of glass).


It is impossible to repair such a triplex, thus, the only replacement will save the situation. And to bring the part to a critical state is dangerous: if, during the day, it is still possible to see something through the network of cracks, then in the dark, you have to go almost blindly. Not only the lack of normal lighting but also the brightness of headlights that will repeatedly refract. In this case, the only right choice is auto glass replacement.

To be or not to be

But some defects really put before the choice: to repair or replace with a new one. Unfortunately, there is no consensus here. Experts in different companies give conflicting recommendations. The most careful recommendations are the repair of small chips up to 1 cm in diameter without cracks no longer than 5 cm.


Braver specialists are ready to restore the windshield with any chip or crack that does not occupy more than half the width or height of the glass. Listening to the latter is a risky business, threatening not only the money wasted for repairs but also an emergency situation if the next stone “finishes” the glass, which has already lost its strength.


But most agree that it is definitely not worth repairing the glass again. In addition, you will have to spend on a new windshield if the crack has reached the edge of the crack in the area where the “wipers” work, on the side where the driver is sitting.

Age makes its own adjustments

And here is another situation where the owner must replace the windshield. And in these cases, no repairs, restorations or restorations are provided. We are talking about natural wear and tear. On average, the windshield can withstand from 80,000 to 130,000 km if, of course, you have managed to save it from the notorious stones.


What happens to glass over time? It gets micro-cracks and scratches and loses strength and other quality characteristics. In addition, “tired” glass scatters light. But it is better not to resort to polishing: the surface is almost impossible to align, thus, auto glass replacement is on time.

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